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Food for Fines Program

The Library will be participating in this year's Food for Fines program that runs throughout the month of November, which allows patrons to pay their overdue fines on Library materials by donating canned food items - exchanging $1.00 in fines for one canned good. 
This is a useful and worthy opportunity to clear overdue fines from library cards and to donate generously to the Food Pantry and the community. Some patrons have noticed that this year, their fines have been less or even nonexistent. That’s because the Library has not been charging overdue fines for books and audiobooks, just for DVDs and WIFI Hotspots.  Even if you haven’t accrued fines, the Library will be pleased to accept your generosity when you donate canned goods to Food for Fines. 
Suggested food items include cereal, canned fruits and/or vegetables, soup, rice, peanut butter, Jell-O, pasta mixes, pudding and canned meats. Because of food safety, items must be in their original packaging. Damaged packages, outdated food or glass containers will not be accepted.