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Library Policies

Electronic Networks / Internet Policy

Libraries make it possible for citizens to have access to the information they need to make informed decisions.  As a member of the Illinois Library and Information Network (ILLINET), the LaSalle Public Library is committed to networking which represents good public policy by maximizing the use of the resources of all types of libraries.  Every library user benefits from expanded access to information beyond the four walls of a single library building.

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

The policy affirms the Library’s intent to comply with the Illinois Freedom of Information Act.  Is not a summary of all the definitions, regulations, or obligations of the Act.  Nor is it a summary of the requestor’s rights as provided by the Act.

Meeting Room Policy

The policies governing the use of the meeting rooms of the LaSalle Public Library are in accordance with Article 6 of the Library Bill of Rights which states that "as an institution of education for democratic living, the library should welcome the use of its meeting rooms for socially useful and cultural activities and discussion of current public questions.  Such meeting places should be available on equal terms to all groups in the community regardless of the beliefs and affiliations of their members, provided that the meetings be open to the public. 

Patron Conduct 

The LaSalle Public Library is dedicated to providing access to knowledge and information through reading, writing, and quiet contemplation for patrons, the right to use materials and services without being disturbed or impeded and providing patrons and employees with a secure and comfortable environment.  

Use of Public Computers

The LaSalle Public Library welcomes the use of computers by its patrons and provides the following guidelines for their comfort and convenience.

Wireless Access Policy

The LaSalle Public Library provides free Internet access points or “hot spots” for users with portable computers or devices capable of receiving wireless signals, during normal library business hours. These access points allow users to access the Internet from their laptop computers when sitting within range of the access points.  The wireless Internet access offered is unfiltered.  Persons utilizing the wireless connection agree to comply with the provisions of the current LaSalle Public Library “Electronic Networks / Internet Policy”.  This policy states the limitations of internet access, patron’s responsibilities for using the access and provides examples of acceptable and unacceptable uses.  

Wireless Hotspot Leading

A Wi-Fi hotspot is a device you can use to connect a mobile-enabled device, such as a laptop, smartphone, or tablet, to the Internet.  The hotspot is portable, so you can connect your device almost wherever you are.  The LaSalle Public Library lends Wi-Fi Hotspots to LaSalle Public Library cardholders ages 18 or above, in good standing.