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"The People's Friend"

Go back in time to 1938, and take an historic, behind-the scenes look at Westclox, and the production of all manner of clocks -- from wind-up table clocks and alarm clocks. Located in LaSalle, Illinois, Westclox employed thousands of area residents, who produced clocks for a huge domestic market -- one valued at $40 million in 1938, as well as markets worldwide.

The film, "The People's Friend," captures the pride and ability of Westclox workers, and innovations and scope of the company, and the quality and extensive variety of the timepieces produced by Westclox in one small, Illinois town. 

You can view "The People's Friend," on the Library's YouTube channel by clicking the link below.  You can also checkout a copy on DVD from the Library.

Link to Video - The People's Friend

Remembering Westclox

The LaSalle Public Library would like to capture the essence of Westclox through the experience of those who knew the legendary building, company and personnel best. Share a memory or story about a time, event, or person connected to Westclox through writing.

Help us capture your memories by submitting this form to a staff member at the circulation desk.  These memories and stories will be displayed in the library and later kept as a part of our local history collection.  Thank you for your time and contribution in helping us to truly remember and honor Westclox!