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Board of Trustees

The LaSalle Public Library is governed by its by-laws and an appointed nine-member board of trustees.  Board of Trustee members serve three-year term. The Officers and Trustees currently serving during the 2022/2023 Fiscal year are: 

Jo-Ann Benassi, President
Marc Zeglis, Treasurer
Nancy Nieslawski, Secretary
Joe Jeppson, City Council Representative
Ali Braboy, Trustee
Becky Christopherson, Trustee
Mary Claire Klinefelter, Trustee
Kathy Parker, Trustee
Matt Valle, Trustee

Contact: [email protected]

To submit a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, please e-mail the Director, Jourdan Wendt, at [email protected]

Library Board Meetings

The Board of Trustees meets on the fourth Wednesday of each month, except July and December.  These meetings are open to the public per the Illinois Open Meetings Act. 

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Library Board Meetings - 2017

Library Board Meetings, 2018
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