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Library Guidelines


We want to provide a friendly environment.  The days of whispering conversation and "shussing" in the Children's Room are gone!  We do however expect our young patrons to follow just a few guidelines of courtesy though, that will make the Library a pleasent place for everybody.


1. Please avoid shouting or screaming in the Library. 

2. Running, shoving, continuous "in/out" of the Library, and playing in the elevator and/or staircase are not acceptable behavior.

3. No food or drink is permited in the Library. 

4. When a patron is in the Library, he or she must be using Library resources - your Library is a place for learning and recreational reading - it is not a playground! 

5. Please be courteous to other patrons by not reading over their shoulders, whether it be at a table or at the computer. 

6. Please keep Library materials clean and dry, and return or renew them promptly. 

7. When using the loft reading area, please don't throw toys down to the floor, push ceiling tiles or jump around.  The loft is for sitting only. 


The Library is a great place for education and entertainment, especially for families. It is a place to both satisfy and spark curiosity – a place where parents and kids can connect. Make your Library a regular stop in your weekly errands. 

In an effort to provide Library services and programming, the Library staff asks your cooperation in the supervision of your children. Children, too young to entertain themselves with Library materials may not be left in the Children’s Room unattended. Children eight and under must be with a parent.