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Explore More Illinois

Explore More Illinois FAQs

How do I access Explore More Illinois?

You can access the Explore More Illinois portal by going to Explore More Illinois. Once at the LaSalle Library portal, you will have to enter your library barcode number and pin number.  The portal is open 24/7 and can be accessed via computer, tablet, or smartphone. 

How can I search for offers?

Once you are logged in, you will see offers for the upcoming three months.  You can also search by date, attraction name, and/or location.  Information about each attraction and the offer is available before making the reservation. 

How can I make a reservation?

Reservations must be made for a specific date.  You can choose what date you want to mae the reservation for by using the calendar icon, then choose the "Reserve" option under the attraction.  A confirmation box will appear and a confirmation email will be sent.  You will have the option of printing out the pass at this time or you can choose to print at a later date. 

Can I cancel a reservation?

You can cancel a reservation before you print or download a pass. 

How many reservations can I have at one time?

You can have two active reservations at one time.  Once one of the reservation dates has past, you can make another reservation. 

Can children make reservations?

No.  Reservations through Explore More Illinois must be made by adult LaSalle Library cardholders who are 18 years or older. 

Can I make a reservation for the same attraction more than once?

Attraction can limit how many times you can make a reservation.  If you are out of reservations, you will not see the offer when you log into Explore More Illinois. 

Will I get a reminder about my reservation?

Yes, you will get a reminder email three days before your reservation.

What do I need to bring to the attraction on the day of the reservation?

You will need to bring a photo ID and either a smartphone with the pass available on the device or a printed copy of the pass.  Some attractions require a printed copy, and that will be indicated when you make the reservation.

I can't log into Explore More Illinois.  What should I do?

If you cannot log into the Explore More Illinois portal, there may be an issue with your library card such as an expired card or fines.  If this happens, please call the Library at 815-223-2341 and staff will assist you in solving the issue.