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Children's Room

Welcome to the Children's Room of the LaSalle Public Library! We provide materials, services, and programs for children, families, and teachers from birth through eighth grade.  Our collection includes board books, picture books, early independent readers, fiction, non-fiction, biographies, audiobooks, bilingual, magazines, and parenting/professional. 

The LaSalle Public Library has been a vital and vibrant community partner for 116 years, providing residents with educational and entertainment resources.  Consider this your invitation to visit us often!  We would love to show you around and help you find the right book.   Have a question? Please send us an email. 

General Information

Library Cards

Children may apply for a Library card when they are five years old.  The card application must have a parent's signature if your child is twelve or younger. Children under sixteen years old may use the proof of residency provided by their parents.  Children sixteen years old or older may choose to provide their place of residency or use that of their parent. For complete information on Library Cards, please see Library Services

Wireless Access

We do not have public computers for youth. Youth are welcome to bring their device and connect to our wireless network. The login is LaSalle Library Guest, and the password is LaSalle.Patron.2019!

Youth can print either in black/white or in color.  For black/white, the cost is 0.25 cents per page, and for color, it is 0.50 cents per page. 

Library Guidelines

We want to provide a friendly environment for everyone.  The Library is great for education and entertainment, especially for families.  It is a place to satisfy and spark curiosity, where parents and kids can connect.  Make the Library a regular stop in your weekly errands.  The days of whispering conversation and "shushing" in the Children's Room are gone. Still, we do, however, expect our young patrons to follow just a few guidelines of courtesy that will make the Library a pleasant place for everybody.  

Children too young to entertain themselves with Library materials may be supervised in the Children's Room. According to policy, children eight years old or younger must always be with a parent while at the Library. 

We ask you to please avoid shouting or screaming or using "playground" voices while at the Library.  A typical voice is perfectly fine.  Continuous running, shoving, "in/out" of the Library, or playing in the elevator and/or the staircase are unacceptable behaviors. 

No food or drink is permitted in the Library. Please be courteous to other patrons by not reading over their shoulders. 

Please keep Library materials clean and dry and return or renew them immediately.  The staff has plastic bags available if you need to carry your materials.  Just ask when you checkout. 

Youth Programming

We have moved all of our program information to the Program Portal

Educational Learning

Osmo (Play Beyond the Screen) -  Children may use our iPad tablets while in the Library to play Osmo, an award-winning game system that lets children explore, learn, create, and interact with digital games in a whole new way.  Osmo games are best suited for children ages 4 through 11 years.  

ABC Mouse -  ABC Mouse is a free educational game at the Library. It offers more than 5,000 fun and interactive learning activities, from reading, math, and science to art and music through games, books, songs, art, and puzzles.  ABC Mouse is best suited for children ages 2 through 7.  

PBS Kids Games -  PBS Kids Games features over 100 games from their top shows, including Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, Wild Kratts, Super Why, Arthur, Sesame Street, The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That!, Odd Squad, Dinosaur Train, Let's Go, Luna, Pinkalicious and more.  PBS Kids Games is best suited for children ages eight and younger. 

Rokenbok Engineering Mobile STEM Labs - Rokenbok Engineering Mobile STEM Labs are hands-on technology that encourages children to engineer devices as simple as a hand tool and as complex as programmable robotics.  The STEM labs were purchased through the Chicago Section of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) funding.   The labs are a part of the library's circulating collection. They are available for checkout as a single lab or as a unit for program use and curriculum support in libraries and classrooms.  

Parents, Teachers, and Caregivers

Selected Titles - If your child is interested in a particular topic or genre, we can save you time by pre-selecting titles! Just call us, and tell us what you need when you need it and how you may be reached should we have questions.  We will be delighted to prepare books and other resources for you to browse and check out. 

Library Visit - We want the Library to be a familiar friend to our young patrons in the community.  We invite parents, caregivers, and children to visit us often, even if it is for a quick stop!  If you or your children are unfamiliar with the Library, stop for a quick tour!  We will familiarize you with the collection, the electronic catalog, and other resources available. 

Library School Tours - We welcome class visits from area schools!  If you would like to schedule a tour or a visit, please get in touch with Donna at 815-223-2341. 

Head Start/PreSchool/Kindergarten Visits - We invite teachers to schedule monthly stories/craft visits with their class.  Each program is approximately 40 minutes in length. Please call the Library to design a program.  

Curriculum Support - The Library staff is pleased to assist teachers in procuring materials to support lesson plans.  Whether it is thematic support, science, history fair resources, or materials of a professional nature, we welcome your requests.  The Library collection includes many Accelerated Reader titles; we’re always happy to help young patrons with AR requests.

Raising a Reader (Brochure) - A helpful resource with tips.