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Computers for Youth

Note (10/29/18) - Our two computers are currently in storage, in order to accommodate a new exhibit from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute's Tangled Bank Studios.  If you need computer access, and are 11 years or under, you are welcome to ask at the desk for a laptop.  The same requirements (permission slip and parent/legal guardian present) applies.  Laptops are equipped with the Internet and Microsoft Office 2013. 

We offer two public access computers for children 11 years or under.  The computers are equipped with Internet and have Microsoft Office 2013.  Before using the computer, children are required to have a permission slip signed by a parent or legal guardian on file, and must have a parent or legal guardian present when using the computer. 

Note - If you are working on a school report or a lengthy assignment, please remember to bring a flash drive (also called a USB or thumb drive) with you to save your work.  When the computers shut down at closing (computers will automatically shut off 10 minutes before closing) your document will be erased.  


Use of Public Computers, 
Electronic Networks/Internet Policy
Wireless Access Policy


Black and White - $0.15 cents per page.
Color - $0.25 cents per page.

Wireless Access

Children are more than welcome to bring their own device and connect to our wireless network. It is free and requires no special login/password.