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In celebration of Illinois' 200th birthday, and the Library's summer them, "Discover Illinois, the Library is asking individuals for their memories of Illinois, either as a physical item or a written recollection.  Examples are a recollection of working at Westclox, a historical photograph of a family at Wrigley Field, a newspaper clipping or memorabilia from a vacation at a tourism attraction. Postcards, ticket stubs, caps, mugs, ornaments – from an Arcola Raggedy Ann figurine to a Metropolis snow globe featuring Superman, the Library wants to celebrate all things Illinois – sports, arts, roadside attractions, monuments, natural areas, historic highways.

These items will be on loan as part of a display for the summer. 

Please no food items. The only requirement Library staff have is that the item/recollection must pertain to Illinois. Items/recollections will be displayed in the Library’s upstairs forecourt, in a locked display cabinet during the months of June and July, and will be featured with a brief description of the item and its personal importance.  For more details on submitting an item for display (or, if too fragile or valuable, submitting a photo), please contact the LaSalle Public Library at