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Food for Fines Amnesty Benefits Area Food Pantry

Here’s your chance to wipe the slate clean with Food for Fines! Food for Fines is a program that helps the Illinois Valley Food Pantry replenish its shelves and eliminates your library overdue fines at the same time!
Beginning on November 5th and concluding on November 17th, the LaSalle Public Library will be accepting food donations towards payment of library overdue fines. Each food item eliminates $1.00 in library overdue fines, and patrons can donate up to 25 items per library card. The program only applies to overdue fines, but not to fines from lost or damaged items.
Suggested food items include cereal, canned fruits and vegetables, soups, rice, peanut butter, Jell-O and tuna. For food safety, food must be in its original, unopened packaging. Homemade items, perishable items or glass containers are not accepted. Please check to see that your food items have not passed their expiration dates.
The LaSalle Public Library is located at 305 Marquette, LaSalle. If you have questions, please call the Library at 815-223-2341.