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Tell Congress to Restore Net Neutrality

The FCC voted to gut the net neutrality protections that limit the power of Internet Service Providers – like Verizon and Comcast – to slow websites, block mobile apps, or in any way control the information we access. This 3-2 vote to roll back strong, enforceable net neutrality protections was made amid widespread protests, millions of public comments and overwhelming opposition from across the political spectrum.

Modern libraries rely on the internet to collect, create and disseminate essential online information and services to the public. Strong, enforceable net neutrality rules, like the ones Chairman Pai just rushed to dismantle, are critical to keeping the internet working the way it does now.

The Congressional Review Act gives Congress the ability and authority to nullify the FCC's actions. Congress can and should vote to restore net neutrality and protect the free and open internet.

Contact your member of Congress today by clicking here.

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