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Nicholas Sparks
to the LaSalle Public Library on the occasion of the Library's Centennial Celebration, 2007

BIG Summer @ the Library!

This year's theme, "BIG Summer @ the LaSalle Public Library" promises programming for all ages, and of course, all the resources of the Library--music, movies, magazines, books, local history, entertainment, and information.  The 2017 Summer Program runs from Thursday, June 1st through Monday, July 31st and is open to all. All programs offered are free and open to the public. Prizes will be awarded in August.

Adult Summer Program

It's easy to participate in the program!  Start by registering at the circulation desk. Then, simply read books from the Library's collection.  During the program, choose a fiction title, a non-fiction title, a biography, and a book by an Illinois author. When you've finished reading a book, ask the staff for an entry form for the genre of book you've read.  Complete the form and enter it in the appropriate raffle conatainer located at the desk.  At the completion of the program, one winner will be selected from each genre catagory.  Want to increase your chances of winning?  Read more!

When you attend ay of the adult programs, you can enter a surprise raffle drawing. Complete a quick survey and fill out a form, both provided at the conclusion of the program. Turn in the completed survey and enter the form into the basket in the meeting room.

Adult Programming

To view full schedule of programming available, click here

Youth Summer Program

It's alway fun to read! Its a great way to imagine and explore.  This summer read or be read to, at least 15 minutes each time...this includes listening to audio books--a great way to pass the time on road trips!  

Want to try something new? Then choose a mystery book!  These books are wrapped and are located on our firetruck bookshelf.  Always popular, this fun reading activity encourages children to branch out and try something new and inspires family read-alouds--an important model that encourages a lifelong love of reading. 

Youth Services has been transformed into a BIG room-sized gameboard!  To avoid competition from siblings...we have given each child a unique starting number.  This number can be found on a colored square in the booklet. Everytime you checkout a book, you get a chance to roll the die. If you have multiple rolls, it is best if you roll once, move the number of spaces indicated, and read what is on the gameboard itself, before you continue with your original rolls.  This year we have a floor-sized piano that can be played...think Tom Hanks in the movie, Big. 

Youth Programming

To view full schedule of programming available, click here

Teen Summer Program

Teens are welcome to participate in the Adult "reading" portion of the program, as well as attend any adult programs that are suitable. However, this year, we are offering teens between the ages of 13 through 17, programs especially made for them!  

Teen Programming

To view full schedule of programming available, click here