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Exhibits & Displays

Main Entrance: Route 6 or 3rd Street
Marquette Entrance or Historical Entrance: Marquette Street


Railways Around the World
Main Entrance

Read about the many different railways around the world.  Models of various trains are displayed, as well as books.  Models and books belong to Victor Croasdale. 


Harry Potter: 20 Years Later
Children's Room

Pottermania has come to the Library!  View one-of-the kind items, handcrafted items, memorabilia and more all about Potter!  Learn about Muggle Quidditch, a phenomenon that has become international with over 14 countries playing the sport and Harry Potter Alliance, a real-life organization founded by fans of Harry Potter to draw attention to human rights violations in Sudan.  Since then, it has focused on topics of literacy, immigration reform, economic justic, gay rights, sexism, labor rights, mental health, body image and climate change.  To celebrate this milestone of 20 years, two interactive stations are on display featuring Google Earth's Journey into Potter with 12 different locations all over England that was featured in the films and Bloomsbury, the UK publisher of the Potter series, video that combines memorable moments with fans qoutes. Stop in and see this one-of-the kind display! 

Walk a While In Their Shoes
Biography Room/Adult Services

This display encourages readership and viewership on an often overlooked collection...biographies.  The Library collection of biographies is diverse including books on Richard James, the inventor of the Slinky (by accident!), Ada Lovelace, first computer programmer (in 1840s!), and Helen Martini, founder of the Bronx Zoo in 1944.  Although this display is located in Adult Services, patrons/visitors are welcome to browse the Young Adult biographies (located in Teen) and the Juvenile biographies (located on the lower level). 

Don't Judge a Book by its Movie!
DVD Area/Adult Services

What do the Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Gone with the Wind, Lord of the Rings and The Help have in common?  They have all been made into movies!  This display aims to promote the many, many books that have gone to Hollywood. Check it out today! 

Treat Yourself to Audiobooks
Children's Room

Celebrate Ice Cream Month with a sweet audiobook!  Displayed downstairs, this colorful display features ice cream cones in a variety of poses, all listening to audiobooks.  Be sure to ask if we have the companion book that goes with the audio to supplement the reading experience.