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Noise vs. News: What's Your Source? "Online Journalism and the Proliferation of Fake News.”

Event Date: 
Apr 13 2017 - 6:00pm

Join us, on Thursday, April 13th, at 6:00 p.m. for the second in the four-part collaborative program series, Noise vs. News, hosted by the Illinois Valley Community College and the LaSalle Public Library, when Bill Cassidy, Associate Professor of Journalism, Northern Illinois University, presents, "Online Journalism and the Proliferation of Fake News.” 

Nearly 40% of Americans say they often get news from online sources, including social media. In this changing news environment, the gatekeeping power of mainstream journalism organizations over what becomes news has decreased and a greater burden has been put on the audience to separate credible information from the ridiculous and the truth from lies. But, some critics and scholars believe the audience is not cut out for this role due to a lack of understanding about the journalistic process, laziness, or some combination of both.  Given these factors, it may not seem surprising that many of the biggest fake news stories in recent months emanated from online sources. Bill Cassidy will examine what constitutes fake news and also explore factors at various levels that influence news content, in the hopes of helping citizens more knowledgeably evaluate and analyze the information they receive.

This event will be hosted at the LaSalle Public Library, 305 Marquette, LaSalle. 

This event free and open to the public.  The event will be followed by an audience question and answer session.  All events will be live-streamed; links for streaming will be available on both the Illinois Valley Community College and LaSalle Public Library websites. Each event will later be archived, captioned, and available in both English and Spanish, again, via links provided by both institutions. 

Both the Illinois Valley Community College and the LaSalle Public Library are ADA compliant and welcoming. If you wish to attend an event and have special needs because of a disability, or if you have other questions, please contact Jayna Leipart Guttilla at 815-224-0306 or Donna Blomquist at 815-223-2341 to discuss arrangements. Please provide one week to arrange for an American Sign Language interpreter.  

"Noise vs. News,” hosted by Illinois Valley Community College Jacobs Library and the LaSalle Public Library will bring together scholars, journalists and the public in an exploration of professional and public responsibilities related to establishing truth in news, and using that knowledge as a first step in finding common ground. In this important and timely series, program topics will include the First Amendment and its protections, “fake” news detection, the ethics of journalism, and the importance of truth and courage in maintaining a democracy.  

Stay tuned for complete program information!