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I spent the first few years of my life in a smallish community in Queens.  Back in those early days, kids could roam the streets with relatively little supervision and one place I visited frequently was the local library.  This particular branch was little more than a storefront but to me it was an alternative universe where I could explore my interests and receive kind, informative answers to my questions from the wonderful librarians.

Jonathan Kellerman
to the LaSalle Public Library on the occasion of the Library's Centennial Celebration, 2007

Winter Weather Message to Our Patrons

Winter and Illinois – while that combination conjures up many ideas, one thing it can mean is unpleasant driving. For folks who live in more open areas, outside of town, winter conditions can make driving treacherous. If the weather is snowy, icy or very windy, before you venture out to the Library, please call first. Even if in-town roads are clear, outside of town, road conditions can be very different, making it impossible for staff to travel safely. This will affect opening the Library and determine early closings. The weather also affects travel for presenters; if you are planning to attend a Library program when weather could be a factor, please call the Library to confirm that the program will go on as scheduled. 

We hope that weather-related issues will be nonexistent, realistically, this is Illinois and weather happens. In addition to calling the Library, up-to-date information can be obtained on both the Library’s website and Facebook page.