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When I enter a library, when I enter the world of books, I feel the ghosts of the past on my shoulders urging me to speech.  I hear Patrick Henry cry to the Burgsses, ‘Is Life so dear, or Peace so sweet, to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery?’  I hear Sojourner Truth tell me that the hand that rocks the cradle can also rock the boat, and William Lloyd Garrison say, ‘I am in earnest, I will not be silenced.’

Sara Paretsky
to the LaSalle Public Library on the occasion of the Library's Centennial Celebration, 2007

Public Computers

Does the Library have Public Computers?

Yes! The Library provides public access to computers, for adults and youth over the age of twelve, free of charge; for youth under twelve, see _____.

Click here to view Library policy regarding computer usage.

Patrons are required to have a library card or can request a "guest pass" at the adult circulation desk, if they don't have a library card.  Youth under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian sign a permission form before they can work on the computers. Patrons may use the computers for a half-hour at a time; however, if there is no one waiting, patrons can continue to use the computer for a total of three hours per day.  If you need to save, please bring a flash drive. Printing costs are .15 cents for black and white and .25 cents for color. 

Does the Library have Wireless Access?

Yes! The Library provides, during open hours, free wireless access for users/patrons with portable devices. Users/patrons using the wireless access are required to comply with the provisions in the Electronic Networks/Internet Policy and the Wireless Access Policy.  Support is provided by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Staying Connected Grant.